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Interjurisdictional Support Services (IJSS)

PO Box 2074 Stn Main
Vancouver, BC V6B 3S3
Phone: 604-660-2528
Toll-free (within Canada): 1-866-660-2684
Outside of Canada: 1-604-660-2528

How can IJSS help me?

IJSS can provide information and assistance (but not legal advice) with the interjurisdictional support orders process when one person lives outside B.C. and if you:

  • Need to apply for a support order
  • Want to change an existing support order
  • Need to respond to an application for support made by a person living outside B.C.

IJSS is also the B.C. Central Authority office for the 2007 Hague Convention. For Convention inquiries, email